The Get People Moving Team is commercializing the Personal Mobility Vehicle™  also known as the PMV™. The PMV is a three-wheel design based on U.S. Patent 8,616,574. The rugged PMV design is unique among wheelchair applications, and yet off-road tricycles sharing some of its attributes are proven.

The PMV design has several advantages over competing chairs. The ergonomic seating arrangement provides lesser probability of future health problems, such as pressure sores. The seat height is adjustable allowing for easier mounting and dismounting as well as increasing the range of motion of the user. With two large wheels forward and one asymmetric rear wheel, the PMV gives the user the ability to increase torque to leverage rough-terrain environments.

Extensive use of bicycle parts makes the PMV maintainable and affordable. The frame of the device is adjustable allowing for adaptability to the size of the user; making the PMV a one-size fits all mobility aid.

Our PERSONAL Mobility Vehicle